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Learn to effectively wield two weapons and perform occasional double attacks or throws.


  • Dual Wield activation chance stacks additively with Hew, Cross Cut and Tumult.
  • The Dual Wield ability is giving a chance for BOTH weapons to hit at the same time, dealing full damage, modified by your abilities, each with a chance to score a critical hit. The rest of the time, your hands randomly attack, with a 50/50 chance of either hand swinging.
  • Your attack speed is averaged between the two weapons you have equipped, so if you have a very fast Sword in one hand and add a slow Club in the other, your attack speed will drop.
  • Dual wield is very ineffective at low levels and without its synergies. It is therefore recommended that you stick with your weapon + shield combo until you have developed this skill and its synergies to a point where you can deal enough damage to rapidly dispose of any enemies.
  • Weapon technique can activate when using Onslaught.


Level Skill Potency


12% Chance to Be Used


14% Chance to Be Used


16% Chance to Be Used


18% Chance to Be Used


20% Chance to Be Used


22% Chance to Be Used

Ultimate Levels Skill Potency


24% Chance to Be Used


26% Chance to Be Used


28% Chance to Be Used


30% Chance to Be Used

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