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A Dreamkiller is a combination of the Rogue and Dream masteries.



Rogue Mastery Skills

Numbers in brackets indicates required mastery level, indents indicates skill upgrades.

Dream Mastery Skills

Mastery Level Skills
32 TranceOfWrath.png MasterMind.png TemporalRift.png
24 TemporalFlux.png PsionicImmolation.png
16 TranceOfConvalenscence.png HypnoticGaze.png DistortionField.png DistortReality.png
10 Premonition.png SummonNightmare.png PsionicBurn.png DreamStealer.png ChaoticResonance.png
4 TranceOfEmpathy.png LucidDream.png PhantomStrike.png
1 SandsOfSleep.png PsionicTouch.png DistortionWave.png
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