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Dragonian is a dragon-like monster, but they lack wings and have hands to wield weapons. Their different colours can help identify their types. They are first encountered at the end of the Great Wall area when approaching the village of Zhidan and are then found throughout the later Orient (Act III). They are some of the most challenging monsters in the game.

Dragonians pose a serious threat when they overwhelm the player. They deal heavy damage and have a lot of health.


  • Basic variant that has no special name.
  • Elder. Stronger version which is better equipped and is harder to defeat.
  • Ancient. Probably, the strongest kind with rust-coloured hide.


  • Deathlance. "Upgraded" Lancer. They use the Hunting.png Hunting Mastery's TakeDown.png Take Down ability, which reduces hero's current health by a percentage. Decent amount of VitalityResistance.png Vitality Damage resistance (40-50%) recommended to be able to take them head on more safely.
  • Firetalon. Archer using the Earth.png Earth Mastery's EarthEnchantment.png Earth Enchantment ability. Not much of a threat with high Fire.png Fire and PierceResistance.png Pierce resistance.
  • Frost Scourge. More powerful than the Firetalon. They deal Cold damage instead of Fire. High PierceResistance.png Pierce resistance still recommended.
  • Headhunter. Basic melee fighter.
  • Lancer. A relatively powerful melee fighter that wields Spear and Shield.
  • Ravager. More powerful than the Headhunter, uses melee weapons.
  • Wyrm-Mage. Extremely dangerous, they can Stun and cast a barrage of lightning orbs which will most likely result in death without max LightningResistance.png Lightning resistance and even if not, there might be other dragonians lurking around that can finish the job. Luckily, that attack seems to always miss if the player stands within melee range.
  • Warlock. More powerful than Wyrm-Mages. Oddly, Warlocks can still use the lightning orb attack, but, unlike Mages, they don't cast several of them at once, which makes them actually easier to deal with.

There are 4 basic groups and two types in each. First there are the axe-wielders. Those are brown-colored Headhunters and larger, pale orange Ravagers. Headhunters are perhaps the most common type and usually pose little threat. Ravagers sometimes appear in a pack of Headhunters, usually no more than one per pack.

The next group are the Lancers. They are larger than Headhunters and look similar to Ravagers, except they wield a spear. Deathlances are tougher and are found only in the caves under Wusao Mountain. An attack they almost always use when encountering a player is Take Down, a darting spear stab attack from the Hunting Mastery. Deathlances are grey and cyan in color.

Next are the archers. Dragonian archers are not simple archers, for they use enchantments. Firetalons are more common and are of bright orange color. They shoot flaming arrows that deal significant fire and Pierce damage. At close range they can also breathe fire. Frost Scourges are the cold versions of Firetalons and instead enchant their arrows with cold. They are only found in Wusao cave, usually among groups of Deathlancers, and are of blue color.

Finally are the mages. Both types of mages have the same colouration - dark blue. In fact, both types are very similar - they both can cast an energy shield on themselves which reflects a portion of player's damage back at him/her, both have less survivability than other dragonian types, and both are always found alone or in pairs within packs of other dragonians. However, Warlocks are only found inside of the Wusao Caverns. Wyrm-Mages also have a more dangerous lightning ball attack than Warlocks, since they shoot 4-5 of those at a time. Those balls deal a lot of damage and also stun at the same time, making the player vulnerable to other dragonians, such as Firetalons.

In order to weaken packs of dragonians one must defeat the mage first and only then the other Dragonians. PierceResistance.png Piercing resistance is pretty much a necessity, as most dragonians use a spear or a Bow.


Agall, Keeper of the Flame
Sargoth Manbane
Tarthon Na'Arak
Vort the Red
Wahg Stoneskin

Just like the ordinary units, dragonian heroes are tough and pose a great threat. Sargoth Manbane, Tarthon Na'Arak, and Vort the Red are all spellcasters.