A dialog record can hold up to 7 different texts for an NPC to say.

Contents of a dialog recordEdit

For each of the texts there is a

  • dialogTextTag (tag): the tag of the text to be displayed over the NPC's head.
  • dialogSoundFile (.mp3 file): if set, the sound file of the text to be read.
  • dialogVolume (floating point numeral): the relative loudness of the text to be read.

Under the heading 'Default Dialog' you enter the tag of the first text the NPC should say

Under the heading 'Additional Dialog' you can provide up to 5 additional texts he will say, if he is clicked repeatedly

Under the heading 'Irritation Dialog' you store the tag of the last text. The NPC will stick to that no matter how often he is clicked afterwards. This heading contains also

  • irritationRoundTrips (integer numeral): after how many additional texts the NPC will switch to the last ('irritation') text

There is a last heading, 'Settings', containing

  • resetTimeout (integer numeral): (?)
  • resetDistance (floating point numeral): (?)

If you leave the NPC and come back later, he may revert to the additional texts. These variables seem to handle that.

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