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Desert Hag concept art

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Desert Hags look very similar to Harpies. They are found in Egypt (Act II). Occasionally they also wear a special head protection called Helm of the Sandwing. There's a slightly stronger type with red skin called the Bloodwing.

Monster Charm: they may drop Hag's Skin.


The Desert Hag is the harpy falcon of the Middle East. This large bird of prey has physical features similar to that of a human female, but with large leathery feather-plucked wings, talons and a head like a falcon and vulture. The desert hag is often seen in the dried mud cracked plateaus and deep in the canyons usually circling the carcass of a mule, hyena, or the ill-fated trader that failed to make it to his next outpost. Although the Desert Hag does not wield weapons, some of these creatures wear helmets, have plagued feathers and can attack with a variety of unnatural powers. If one does come across a Desert Hag nesting spot, they should keep their eyes open for weapons, gear, or gold left behind by the last poor soul that fell to these monsters. Desert Hags crave only flesh.


  • Hag, base melee attacker
  • Crone, fire-enchanted melee attacker
  • Witch, magic user with fire attacks

Sandwing Variants


  • Desert
  • Sandwing
  • Bloodwing


★ Bloodmistress Kakra ~ Desert Hag Hero
Bloodmistress Neith ~ Desert Hag Hero
★ Nathifa the Unblemished ~ Sandwing Hero
★ Rahema Gapemaw ~ Bloodwing Hero
Sandqueen Masika ~ Desert Hag Hero and Boss