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Deathweaver's Chitin.png

Deathweaver's ChitinMonster Infrequent Torso Armor, that can be dropped from some Arachnoses and Arachnos Heroes in Act I, Greece.

Acquired from:


  • Deathweaver's Chitin, like all Infrequents, can have most of Affixes, but they don't will be displayed in the name of the item.
  • Deathweaver's Chitin is a better version of the Arachnos Chitin, which is logical, considering the fact that this armor can only be found on a high rank Arachnoses and never on simple mooks.
  • You can find Deathspinners, Rune and Spellweavers, but not a single Deathweaver Arachnos in the game. So probably "Deathweaver" is a rank in Arachnos heirarchy, which granted to Heroes and Champions of the race. OR it could be just naming oversight made by devs.