Titan Quest Wiki

Damage over Time (DoT, dot), sometimes also called duration damage, is any damage inflicted on a target over a limited period of time, instead of being dealt directly on hit. In Titan Quest, the following damage types are inflicted over time:

Damage over Time is applied to a target when hit. Once applied, it inflicts small amounts of damage at certain intervals, until its effect wears off. In tooltips, Damage over Time is always given as XX Damage over YY Seconds, meaning, the full amount of XX damage is dealt after YY seconds. The default duration for Poison Damage is 6.0 seconds, for all other types 3.0 seconds.

A target can have different types of DoT active at one time, e.g. both Poison and Bleeding Damage. However, a target cannot have multiple DoTs of the same type active – attacking an already poisoned target with poison damage again will just reapply this type of damage (with timer and full damage getting reset).

Resistances reduce the amount of damage taken per interval, but not the duration. However, some items have modifiers, which directly reduce the duration of a particular DoT, resulting in a reduction of total damage dealt.