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Crypt Worms

Crypt Worms are large, maggot-like insectoids found in various caves and tombs throughout Egypt (Act II). They can drop the Vile Ichor monster charm. They can resist some damage and especially their melee variants have powerful attacks, but they are very slow and easy to outrun by ranged fighters and spellcasters.

Recommended resistances: Poison


  • Hatchlings are the small, green variant. They spit poison projectiles over a medium distance.
  • Maggots are medium-sized, orange crypt worms. They have fairly powerful melee attacks.
  • Defilers, Devourers and Fleshgnawers are large, blueish-gray crypt worms. Despite their different names they look all the same and have both a medium-ranged, non-elemental spit attack and a powerful melee attack.

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