Terrain regions allow you to use the Inaccessible terrain tool; however, Grid regions do not. Sometimes you can use scenery to block the path, at other times this isn't practical and you may want an invisible barrier. This is not a tutorial on editing textures, but a brief section using Photoshop is discussed.

Creating the TextureEdit

Download the invisible.psd here. After unzipping skip to step 5.

  1. Create a new texture, 512 by 512 pixels.
  2. Fill it completely in with a solid color, or leave it white - it really doesn't matter.
  3. Switch to the alpha channel.

  4. In Photoshop, the alpha channel is a grayscale. White is 100% opaque while black is 100% transparent. Levels of gray in between are just that. Make the alpha channel 100% transparent (in this case black).

  5. Save your texture as invisible.psd. Ensure that the alpha channel is saved, i.e. 32 bit (24 for color, 8 for transparency) Save the file to C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USER NAME HERE\My Documents\My Games\Titan Quest\Working\CustomMaps\YOUR MOD NAME HERE\source\Textures
    Fairytale messagebox critical If you have changed the location of your My Documents folder, your path will differ accordingly

Importing the TextureEdit

  1. Open the Art Manager and select your mod.
  2. Open the Textures file folder. The invisible.psd file should be there.
  3. Right Click and select "Auto Create Asset"

  4. Select "texture" and click Okay
  5. Select DXT3 as the texture type and click okay

  6. Build your database by pressing F7

Changing the BarrierEdit

  1. Import database record: records\scenerygreece\structure\building\city\delphidecwallhighstraight01.dbr

  2. Click the "Database" tab
  3. Copy the entry to another location
  4. Rename it to invisiblewall
  5. Right click on the entry to edit it

  6. Select "Actor Variables" from the left
  7. Change base texture to the invisible.tex texture (Default will be Texture\invisible.tex)

  8. Save the entry
  9. Build your database

Placing the ObjectEdit

The best way to place the object is to use the original wall as a guide.

  1. Open the World Editor
  2. Open your mod
  3. In Editing mode, select the original wall object from the object tool pallet
  4. Place it in your world.
  5. When you have the walls where your would like them and at the appropriate height, you will need to replace them.
  6. Switch to Layout mode
  7. At the top select Region -> Replace Object
    Barrier a01

    Make sure the region in question is selected.
  8. A list with all the objects in the region will be generated.
  9. Find and highlight the original wall name and click okay.
    Barrier a02

  10. The next list will be a list of all available objects from the database. (It may take a while to load.)
  11. Find and select the invisiblewall object and click okay.
    All the original walls should be converted to invisible walls.
  12. Build All Pathing
  13. Build All Maps
  14. Save your mod
  • The path mesh preview will show you where the objects are.