Fog and Lighting can only do so much. For a real harrowing experince, try making everything black.

Creating the TextureEdit

Download the black.psd here. After unzipping skip to step 4.

  1. Open your favorite image editing software.
  2. Create a new texture, 512 by 512
  3. Fill it completely in with black
  4. Save your texture as black.psd. Save the file to C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USER NAME HERE\My Documents\My Games\Titan Quest\Working\CustomMaps\YOUR MOD NAME HERE\source\Textures

Importing the TextureEdit

  1. Open the Art Manager and select your mod
  2. Open the Textures file folder. The black.psd file should be there.
  3. Right Click and select "Autor Create Asset"

  4. Select "texture" and click Okay <Select DXT1 as the texture type and click okay.

  5. Build your database by pressing F7

Creating a Black EntityEdit

  1. Import database record: records\underground\orient\jadepalace\setdress\jadepalacerug.dbr
  2. Click the "Database" tab
  3. Copy the entry to another location
  4. Rename it to blackrectangle
  5. Right click on the entry to edit it

  6. Select "Actor Variables" from the left
  7. Change base texture to the black.tex texture (Default will be Texture\black.tex)
  8. Change the scale to 2

  9. Save the entry
  10. Build your database

Creating the AreaEdit

  1. Open the World Editor
  2. Open your mod
  3. Layout your area - floor only, no walls. Here are few recommendations:
    • Don't make it too complex - there will be no minimap, nor any landmarks for orientation. It can be very disorienting and frustrating to a player
    • To help reduce the frustration, place some visual or aural clues.
    • Make the floors at least two squares wide
    • Put a water layer underneath (a new one with a funny tag to be deleted later). It will help with the black placement.


  4. Select the blackrectangle object from the object tool pallet

  5. Layout the objects to overlap all the floor

  6. Delete the water

    • Note, you can see some seams at this distance and angle. In game, they are not visible.

  7. Switch to Layout mode
  8. Rebuild All Pathing
  9. Rebuild All Maps
  10. Save your mod