A container .dbr holds the following variables:

Under the heading 'Container Config':

  • idleAnimation (.dbr file of type animation): Animation until container is opened
  • idleAnimationSpeed (floating point numeral): relative playing speed of the animation, 1.0=normal
  • openAnimation: (.dbr file of type animation): Animation when container opens
  • openAnimationSpeed: (floating point numeral): playing speed, as above
  • openSound (.dbr file of type SoundPak): Sound heard on opening
  • openFxPakName (.dbr file of type ?): Effects seen on opening
  • pathableWhenOpened (boolean): true for bonepiles, you can walk over them after opening
  • lockedRadius (floating point numeral): How near a guardian must be to keep this container locked
  • lockedClassification (string, choose from picklist): May be Common, Champion, Hero, Boss. What type of monster can guard this container and keep it locked
  • lockedEffect (.dbrFile of type?): Effect on trying to open a locked container (?)

Under the heading 'Config':

  • lockedTextTag (tag): Tag of text to be displayed when trying to open a locked container
  • locked (boolean): whether the container is locked when the game is started
  • lockedSound (.dbr file of type SoundPak): Sound to be played when trying to open a locked container
  • perPartyMemberDropItemName (.dbrFile of type ?): (?)

Under the heading 'Skill':

  • skillName (.dbr file of type trap skill): trap to be sprung on opening
  • skill delay (floating point numeral): time between opening and springing of trap

Under the heading 'AnimationSounds':

  • soundN (.dbr file of type SoundPak): (?)

where n=1 to 5

Under the heading 'Loot':

  • levelEquationFile (.dbr file of type equation): used to adapt loot to the player's level
  • tables (.dbr file of type loot table): pool of items to pick the loot from
  • lootClassification (string, choose from picklist): May be Common, Champion, Hero.

Under the heading 'Bonus':

  • bonusLifePoints (floating point numeral):
  • bonusLifePercent (floating point numeral):
  • bonusManaPoints (floating point numeral):
  • bonusManaPercent (floating point numeral):
  • bonusGoldPoints (integer numeral):
  • bonusSkillPoints (integer numeral):
  • bonusAttributePoints (intger numeral):
  • bonusExperiencePoints (integer numeral):
  • bonusEffectName (.dbr file of type ?):

This sounds as if the player could be rewarded with these boni by the container. But it does not work like that if you try it. So: (?)

Under the heading 'Reward':

  • goldGeneratorChance (floating point numeral): chance the container will have not only loot, but also gold. In per cent, 100.0 means always.
  • goldGenerator (.dbr file of type gold generator): to compute the amount of gold

Of course, a container has also Actor Variables.

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