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A Conqueror is a combination of the Defense and Warfare masteries.


  • Highest damage absorption
  • Сan be as two-handed or with a shield, where it is better to give preference to the second one


Defense Mastery Skills

Mastery Level Skills
32 Defiance.png ColossusForm.png Pulverize.png
24 DefensiveReaction.png IronWill.png Disruption.png
16 Inspiration.png RendArmor.png Disable.png
10 Resilience.png Focus.png ShieldCharge.png
4 Adrenaline.png Rally.png QuickRecovery.png ShieldSmash.png
1 ConcussiveBlow.png BattleAwareness.png Batter.png ArmorHandling.png

Warfare Mastery Skills

Mastery Level Skills
32 Tumult.png Ardor.png AncestralHorn.png
24 CounterAttack.png Triumph.png Lacerate.png DoomHorn.png
16 CrossCut.png Hamstring.png
10 Hew.png CrushingBlow.png BattleStandard.png WarWind.png
4 DualWield.png DodgeAttack.png IgnorePain.png WarHorn.png
1 WeaponTraining.png BattleRage.png Onslaught.png
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