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This page serves as a hub to class guides, both external and internal. With the loss of the forums, this is an attempt to recreate a centralized resource for class guides.

General Class Guides Edit

Class Types Edit

Class Mastery Mastery Type Type
Harbinger Warfare Dream Melee Dual Wield
Templar Defense Dream Melee Tank
Spellbreaker Spirit Warfare Melee
Battlemage Warfare Earth Hybrid
Conqueror Warfare Defense Melee
Elementalist Storm Earth Mage
Assassin Warfare Rogue Melee High DPS
Thane Warfare Storm Hybrid
Warden Hunting Defense Melee Spear
Haruspex Hunting Dream Ranged Mage
Brigand Hunting Rogue Melee Ranged
Prophet Dream Storm Hybrid
Juggernaut Earth Defense Melee Tank
Diviner Dream Spirit Mage Summoner
Slayer Warfare Hunting Melee Ranged
Guardian Nature Defense Melee
Magician Earth Rogue Mage Gear
Dreamkiller Dream Rogue Melee
Soothsayer Spirit Nature Summoner
Spellbinder Defense Spirit Melee Buffs
Paladin Defense Storm Hybrid
Illusionist Nature Rogue Summoner
Oracle Storm Spirit Mage Summoner
Conjurer Earth Spirit Hybrid
Ranger Hunting Nature Ranged
Bone Charmer Hunting Spirit Ranged Melee
Corsair Rogue Defense Melee
Ritualist Dream Nature Hybrid
Evoker Dream Earth Hybrid
Champion Warfare Nature Melee Summoner
Sage Hunting Storm Ranged Mage
Warlock Rogue Spirit Melee
Summoner Earth Nature Summoner
Druid Storm Nature Summoner
Sorcerer Rogue Storm Hybrid
Avenger Hunting Earth Melee
Shaman Runes Spirit  ?
Skinchanger Runes Nature Summoner
Trickster Runes Rogue Melee
Dragon Hunter Runes Hunting Melee
Thunderer Runes Storm Hybrid
Stonespeaker Runes Earth Hybrid
Runesmith Runes Defense Melee
Berserker Runes Warfare Melee Dual Wield
Seidr Worker Runes Dream Hybrid
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