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The harbor town of Rhakotis is the first city in Egypt (Act II), where you arrive after you have defeated Megalesios and left Greece by ship.


Talk to Imhotep, the old man standing next to the pier, to start the main quest in Egypt. He will tell you about another way to communicate with the gods, an invokation ceremony. However, he needs the Scroll of Invocation from the Rhakotis Library to perform the ceremony. You are to retrieve it from there and bring it to the Temple of Ptah located near the Village of Sais.

The first Egypt portal is to the north, the nearby arcade leads to the district's exit. Near the exit you will also find a soldier named Anherru, who gives you the first Side Quest, The Family Heirloom. Next to him is also the first Rebirth Fountain. You can talk to Hamut and Kherheb to get some further information about what's going on.

When you're done here, exit north to the Rhakotis Slums.

People in Rhakotis

  • Apollodorus - Ship Captain, can bring you back to Knossos Landing (from where you departed to Egypt).
  • 'Imhotep - Order of Prometheus, stands next to the pier where you arrive. Talking to him starts the main quest in Egypt - find the Scroll of Invocation in the Rhakotis Library. After you have completed this quest, Imhotep cannot be found here anymore, but instead will wait in Memphis.
  • Hamut - Refugee, is a refugee standing next to the pier.
  • Henku - Enchanter
  • Ahmose - Blacksmith
  • Xuthus - Caravan Driver
  • Kherheb - Vagabond, is a vagabond found in the town center.
  • Ay - Arcanist
  • Ankhtifi - Mystic
  • Ameni-amen-a - Storyteller, is the local storyteller. He'll tell you about the sun god Amun-Ra and Apep, the giant serpent.
  • Neb-ka-n-ra is the terrified head librarian you will meet at the Rhakotis Library's entrance.
  • 'Anherru - Noble Warrior, is a soldier found at the northern entrance of the town, next to the rebirth fountain. Talking to him initiates the side quest The Family Heirloom - retrieve his sword from a pack of Jackalman warriors. After completing the quest, return to Anherru to get a reward.


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