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The Chimera is a three-headed monster and daughter of Typhon, encountered on the 4th and final level of the Temple of Marduk. It is the first main boss in the Orient (Act III) and guards the sickle chamber. The Chimera has several attacks and is guarded by four traps, but is an overall relatively easy boss.


As a boss monster she is immune to Controls and almost immune to percent health and energy damage.


The Chimera has three heads - a snake, a goat, and a lion head - which perform different attacks.

  • Death Ring : Short-range attack, which deals moderate direct lightning damage and causes Skill Disruption and Fumble for 4.0 seconds.
  • Fire Breath : Long-range breath attack, which deals moderate burn damage over 3.0 seconds, but no direct damage.


Recommended resistances:

You can take out the first two traps from the door using a bow or ranged spell.

The Fire Breath attack is fairly easy to avoid - when the snake head is about to move forward, simple move out of the way. The Chimera will remain stationary and not turn while breathing fire, giving you some time to attack from the side. Still, a high Fire Resistance (60-80%) helps to deal with the occasional hit.

Death ring is also pretty ease to avoid - wait for the goat head to raise, and then run away from the Chimera. The visual effect doesn't match the actual range, so you might get hit by the attack even if you seem to be out of the lightning effect. Get lightning resistance if possible though, to avoid dying by accident. As a ranged character you should not even be bothered by this spell, you don't even have to stack Lightning Resistance.


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