The 'Character' group of a creature .dbr contains the following data:

charLevel(array of three integer numerals)the level of the creature in normal, epic, legendary mode
experiencePoints(integer numeral)defines factor in formula experience gained per kill:
walkSpeed(floating point numeral)speed of the creature when walking
handHitDamageMin(floating point numeral)minimal damage done by the creature when attacking barehanded
handHitDamageMax(floating point numeral)maximal dito
footHitDamageMin(floating point numeral)For creatures that attack hand and foot, minimal dito
footHitDamageMax(floating point numeral) maximal dito
characterGenderProfile(string, choose from picklist)Possible choices are World, Male, Female, Native, Satyr, JackalMan, Tigerman. Is used to adapt armor to the body mesh.
characterRacialProfile(array of tags)Used to make subtitles when the name of the creature is displayed, also used to manage the bonus some equipment gives against certain races. Possible choices are Beasts, Beastmen, Insects, Undead, Demons, Titans.
defaultHeadPiece(dbr file of type of any Headpiece) The dbr file referenced here can be a helmet or hairpiece, the difference to the lootable item is, that this item will not drop!

So it is perfect for hairstyles that should not drop after the creature is killed.

defaultTeamMajor(string, choose from picklist)Possible choices are TeamMajor_Monster, TeamMajor_Human, TeamMajor_Friendly, TeamMajor_Hostile.
  • TeamMajor_Monster, all monsters that attack the player are in this team.
  • TeamMajor_Human, all Guards, NPCs that help the player are in this team
  • TeamMajor_Friendly (? - perhaps for PvP?)
  • TeamMajor_Hostile (? - perhaps for PvP?)

Creatures of different teams will attack each other!

defaultTeamMinor(string, choose from picklist)Possible Choices are TeamMinorMonster_Friendly, TeamMinorMonster_Hostile, ..._Red, ..._Yellow, ..._Orange, ..._Green, ..._Blue, ..._Indigo, ..._Violet. (?, sounds even more like PvP??)
weaponScale(floating point numeral)adapt size of equipped weapons to the size of the creature
numAttackSlots(integer numeral)(?)
numDefenseSlots(integer numeral):(?)
combatManagerRecord(dbr file of type ?)(?)
pathingSize(string, choose from picklist)Possible choices are Small, Medium, Large. Big monsters should not pass small doors, set to Large. Small monsters may pass nearly everywhere, set to Small.
portraitName(dbr file of type bitmap?)(? perhaps for pets?)
startVisible(boolean)whether the creature is visible or hidden when the game starts
distressCall(boolean)whether the creature will call other creatures to its aid when attacked
distressCallRange(floating point numeral)how far the call for aid will be heard
distressCallGroup(string, choose from picklist)what type of monster will listen to the call for aid
distressCallTime(integer numeral)(?, time to first call for aid, or time between calls for aid?)
maxDistressCalls(integer numeral)Some monsters call for help more often than others.
portraitTag(tag)(? perhaps for pets?)
causesAnger(boolean)whether the creature will make hostile creatures attack on sight
angerMultiplier(floating point numeral)some creatures induce more severe attacks than others.
deathAnimBlendTime(floating point numeral)(? obviously somehow influences the death animation?)
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