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Fighting with Cerberus

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Cerberus is a Child of Typhon and three-headed Dog like boss monster guarding the exit of the Tower of Judgment in late Act IV. Its chamber is sealed after entering and the doors will not open before the creature is killed.


As a boss monster he is immune to Controls and almost immune to percent health and energy damage.


Cerberus is basically a melee attacker, however he uses various skills, all dealing Poison Damage.

  • Acid Breath: Deals Poison Damage in 1 second. Long range, quite hard to avoid.
  • Poison Cracks: Green fire erupts from the cracks in the floor during 4.8 seconds dealing incredible instant Poison Damage. You can avoid getting hit by standing between the cracks (zooming out helps identifying safe spots). Cerberus will raise his head prior to the attack, giving you a chance to move away from the cracks.
  • Poison Puddle: Cerberus spits a poison ball exploding on the floor and creating a poison puddle in a large zone dealing a lot of Poison Damage. This spell combined with poison cracks makes positioning really important.


Recommended resistances:

Avoid standing on the cracks if Cerberus is raising his head. The amount of damage dealt is huge and can kill weaker characters instantly (up to 1,360 (Normal) / 2,376 (Epic) / 3,192 (Legendary) instant Poison Damage every second with 0% Poison Resistance).

Cerberus is vulnerable to all damage types, especially Pierce Damage and Vitality Damage. While he has a slightly higher resistance to Poison Damage, it can be used to kill him as well.

Items with "% less damage from Beasts" will help reducing damage from his direct attacks (melee attack, poison breath), however, it will NOT reduce the damage dealt by the Poison Cracks and Poison Puddles because of game encoding of those spells.

Using items with the Accursed/Forsaken/Unholy prefix (drains enemy energy and causes percent damage) can be used to drain Cerberus' energy, rendering him incapable to use the dangerous Poison Cracks attack or any other skills. This is very effective against most bosses on Normal Difficulty, however, this strategy is far less effective in Epic and Legendary due to increased monster resistances.



Cerberus has two other spells - Roar and Acid Bite, these have been cut from final game as he will never use them. Roar would have been one of the really rare enemy spell applying Fear.