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Centaurs are half-horse, half-men and belong to the category Beastmen. They appear in various places in Act I and are proficent with bows. They sometimes wear special armour called a Centaur Cuirass. They are sometimes accompanied by boars and crows.

Centaur Variants Edit

  • Highland Centaurs are the only variant other than the normal ones, and have greater health and damage.

Centaur Types Edit

  • Marauders are the warriors of centaurs, and attack with one weapon. They have higher health than rangers, and are more likely to wear armor.
  • Rangers are the archers of centaur forces, and have powerful hunting skills such as study prey. In mobs, they can tear an unprepared player to shreds. They have the capability to throw bolt traps to attack the player.
  • Trappers throw nets at the player, and are armed with a spear and possibly armor.
  • Elders are by far the most likely to have armor, and appear to be champions, as they can cast both Regrowth and Battle Standard. Battle Standard can make them virtually unkillable at lower levels, as it is at a high enough level to provide considerable boosts to their health and attack. Normally they wield melee weapons, and are the only variety of centaur that can be found wearing a centaur skullcap.

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Centaur Boss Edit

  • Nessus is a Centaur boss encountered right after the Spartan War-Camp and part of the main questline. Brasidas, a spartan guard, requests the hero to kill Nessus before he allow's him/her to talk to General Leonidas and proceed with the main story.

Centaur HeroesEdit

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