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Skills are abilties that you use.

Players learn skills by spending skill points gained through levelling up and quests. Each player may choose up to two masteries, each with their own unique skills, and spend the skill points they earn in these trees to learn new skills and gain bonus attributes.

The player starts at level 1 with 0 skill points. Each level gained grants the player 3 skill points for a total of 222 skill points at level 75 (maximum level with Immortal Throne expansion). Additional skill points may be earned through quests.

  • 1 Skill point per difficulty in Act I.
  • 4 Skill points per difficutly in Act II.
  • 2 Skill points per difficutly in Act IV (Immortal throne expansion only).

This adds up to a maximum of 243 skill points.

With the Ragnarok expansion, the number of skill points available to a maximum level character is increased by 39 to a maximum of 282 skill points at level 85.

  • 30 from the 10 new character levels
  • 9 for completing quests in Act V (3 per difficulty)

In addition to these permanent skill points, players may also find items that add to the level of a skill. These are seperated into 3 catagories: + X bonus points to ALL MASTERIES, + X bonus points to A SINGLE MASTERY and + X bonus points to A SINGLE SKILL. The bonus to a single skill is self explanatory, it adds X points to the level of said skill as long as you already have unlocked it. The bonus to a single mastery adds X points to the level of all unlocked skills in said mastery (ie Dream, defense, earth, etc). The bonus to all masteries adds X points to all unlocked skills in all masteries (which means all the skills your character has unlocked, regardless of mastery).

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