Carrion Birds

Carrion Crow and Plague Bird.

Carrion Birds are Beast creatures, found in various regions in Greece (Act I). They usually come in flocks of around five birds, are fast-moving and have low health.

Monster Charm: May drop a Diseased Plumage fragment.

Variants of Carrion Bird Edit

  • Carrion Crow: Black birds encountered in earlier Greece and one of the first types of monsters the hero has to fight against. Crows are sometimes accompanied by Harpies and profit from the lightning enchantment of Harpy Crones. Recommended resistances: Physical
  • Plague Bird: A grey-green variant surrounded by a plague cloud, often found on graveyards and in tombs throughout Greece, along with various types of undead. They have a disease attack, which deals poison damage and lowers resistances for a short period of time. Recommended resistances: Physical, Poison

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