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A Brigand is a combination of the Rogue and Hunting masteries.


  • The biggest piercing damage in the game
  • Universality


Rogue Mastery Skills

Numbers in brackets indicates required mastery level, indents indicates skill upgrades.

Hunting Mastery Skills

Mastery Level Skills
32 FlushOut.png ScatterShotArrows.png Volley.png
24 ExploitWeakness.png TrailBlazing.png Detonate.png
16 StudyPrey.png PunctureShotArrows.png Gouge.png FindCover.png
10 BarbedNetting.png CallOfTheHunt.png Eviscerate.png MonsterLure.png
4 Marksmanship.png ArtOfTheHunt.png HerbalRemedy.png
1 Ensnare.png TakeDown.png WoodLore.png
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