A Boss is a monster that is more powerful than a normal monster. Bosses often reside on the other side of large, ornate doors, which frequently lock once the Hero enters the room.

Most Bosses are from quests, but are also good for raids or farming. Most Bosses often drop Green (Rare), Blue (Epic) or Purple (Legendary) items, but it can vary. Low level bosses mostly don't drop more than Yellow (Magical).

Bosses are often the guardians of Majestic Chests. Majestic Chests contain the highest chance of obtaining a rare or powerful item, and are thus highly valued by players.

Bosses have 85% to 95% resistance to Life Reduction and 70% to 90% resistance to Mana Burn Damage, depending on difficulty.

A boss can also be called "quest monster" or "leader". A boss usually have a kind of "aura" around them and are rarely seen if not from a quest.

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Scylla ~ Horror of the Seas appears in game files but has the Hydra 3D model and is not placed in the world, she may be added in a later patch as an epic or a legendary boss. Some data about Echidna ~ Mother of Monsters can also be found into Atlantis game files.

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Typhon has been totally reworked after Immortal Throne release. In the base game, he had almost no base skills and could get new ones by hitting god statues in Olympus.

Some game data about Fenrir ~ Firstborn of Loki and Ratatoskr can be found in the database and in the text files, they were planned to be bosses in the Ragnarök expansion. Fenrir also appears in Atlantis text files.

Tartarus is encountered in the Tartarus infinite dungeon every 5 levels.

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