This action will bring up a window that prompts the player to make a choice, yes or no, and allows you to specify the choice to make with a tag that you add to the modstrings.txt file.

If the player chooses yes, then he will be ported to the specified coordinates.

You can obtain the coordinates through the World Editor in the Editing mode, by using the Locate Coordinates option in the Camera menu, when looking at the spot where you want the player to get teleported. It will show you a window with the coordinates of that spot, and you can enter them in the action's fields.

This action works in the same way the Update X’s Dialog to X action does. It updates the NPCs dialog to the boat dialog. The teleport will therfore stay available after you did the action.


ITIcon [1] DelayTime (integer):
NPC (dbr): The NPC to offer the player the port action
OnOff (boolean): (?) Maybe if true, the port is only available once?
Tag (tag): Tag of the text to be displayed in the dialog window
X, Y and Z (integer numerals): Coordinates the player character will be ported to

Properties with no symbol are availible in TQ and IT. Properties with ITIcon are only availible in IT. Properties with TQIcon are only availible in TQ.

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