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Boarman is a type of monster met in Greece. At first, a single Boarman Hero is found as a boss for a sidequest in Delphi, dwelling in a small cave in the dungeons under the Parnassus Mountain. Later some Boarman of various kinds can be met in the monster's war camp and in the battlefield outstide Athens.

Boarman have a unique Boarman Armor and Boarman Bracelet that they may drop.


  • Executioner: Black Boarman, usually use StormNimbus.png Storm Nimbus to power up his attacks.
  • Mountaneer: Brown Boarman, same as Executioner, may use a special attack that bursts the ground under the player.
  • Thane: White Boarman, same as above, except that he uses StormSurge.png Storm Surge instead of the ground-busting attack.


Kratos Bristleback ~ Boarman Hero
★ Roksos Bonebreaker
Taroxeon ~ Boarman Hero
Ocnus the Black ~ Dark Boarman Hero



  • Boarman is the only type of beastman monsters whose members are all champions.
  • Curiously, even if the Boarman loses his armor, he still wears a very similar one underneath.
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