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Boarman artwork

Boarman is a type of monster met in Greece. At first, a single Boarman Hero is found as a boss for a sidequest in Delphi, dwelling in a small cave in the dungeons under the Parnassus Mountain. Later some Boarman of various kinds can be met in the monsters' war camp and in the battlefield outside Athens.


  • Executioner. Black Boarman, usually use StormNimbus.png Storm Nimbus to power up his attacks.
  • Mountaneer. Brown Boarman, same as Executioner, may use a special attack that bursts the ground under the player.
  • Enforcer. Perhaps, the least powerful amongst others, with brown coloured hide.
    • Veteran Enforcer. Slightly more powerful version of Enforcer.
  • Thane. White Boarman, same as above, except that he uses StormSurge.png Storm Surge instead of the ground-busting attack.


Kratos Bristleback ~ Boarman Hero
Roksos Bonebreaker
Taroxeon ~ Boarman Hero
Ocnus the Black ~ Dark Boarman Hero


Unique Equipment

There are unique items Boarman Armor and Boarman Bracelet that Boarman may drop.


  • Boarman is the only type of beastman monsters whose members are all champions.
  • Curiously, even if the Boarman loses his armor, he still wears a very similar one underneath.