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Boars are beast creatures found in the forests and plains of Greece (Act I). They are fast moving melee attackers with a lot of health and resistance to pierce attacks. All variants can drop the Boar Hide monster charm.

Boars usually will ignore the player for a while before attacking. However, if a boar is attacked/killed, other boars in the vicinity will attack the player. From Pellana Valley on, they may be found accompanied by Centaurs.

Monster Charm: May drop a Boar Hide fragment.


  • Ravenous: The weakest variety, but can be dangerous to low level characters. They only appear in the earlier regions of Greece, but at low levels can be very aggravating. Of the first three monster types encountered around Helos, these are the most dangerous.
  • Dusky: A larger variant with grey hide, more health and stronger attacks.
  • Monstrous (Champion): Rarely encountered from the Pellana Valley on, these boars are easily identified by their battle scars, rough fur and some sort of spike mutations on their backs. Monstrous Boars have a lot of health and powerful melee attacks.
  • Furry Boar (Ragnarok)



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