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OneManPhalanx OneManPhalanx 26 March 2021

Community rules

According to this blog post by Fandom staff

a new Fandom Policy will take effect from April 1st, 2021. This Policy requires every Fandom community to have their own set of easily found Rules. The blog post also states that this help page

can be used as a reference point for new Rules.

Every active user of this community is encouraged to read both publications and share their thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

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Zyphrus Zyphrus 8 July 2018

Rearranging part of the wiki

There are several pages which have (almost) the same name as a category, e.g. Plant and the category Plants. I have seen this in a bunch of Wikia wikis before. It makes the category page pretty useless for most purposes. In some wikis they put a "See Plant page for more information" link at the top of the category page which just means you have to click two links to get to the actual Plant page.

Category pages allow normal wiki content at the top. I suggest using this to merge these page pairs into single pages.

I also suggest removing unneccessary plurals from page names while we're at it. Example: The Plants category becomes Plant, Monsters becomes Monster.

Please comment whether you like / do not like these changes. Thanks.

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Neosteamwiki Neosteamwiki 4 February 2018

To Bot or Not To Bot

Hello Community,

A bot is a software program that can make automated edits or help humans make semi-automatic edits. For example, a bot can help add categories to pages or correct spelling mistakes. As the number of pages in the wiki increases, a bot is becoming more and more necessary. Making edits on 25 pages is different from making edits on hundreds of pages.

Wikia allows the use of bots as long as there is agreement from you, the community. Using a bot will help in cleaning up the wiki making the wiki easier to navigate and more useful. A bot requires a separate account so the bot edits can be hidden from so it is easier to keep track of human edits.


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Wiki Kaczor Wiki Kaczor 30 November 2017

Adopting the Wiki

Hello, everyone!

It has been two years since admin's last activity. The time has come to adopt this Wiki. Are there any volunteers? A handful of requirements (besides some spare time) can be found here.

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DreadmistX DreadmistX 19 August 2012

Favourite Mastery

I just asking, what are your favourite masteries in TQIT. I'm fond of the Warfare, Rogue and Nature Mastery the most. Although I love all of the 9 masteries, but I especially love these 3.

I think, the Rogue is the deadliest mastery in the game, high pierce, bleeding, poison damage, and +% Damage bonuses.

So, what are your favourite masteries? and Why?

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