Automatoi Warriors and a Masterwork Automatoi Champion

Automatoi (also known as Automatons) are dwarven constructs made from of a yellowy metal. They can be found in the Knossos Palace and in the Minoan Labyrinth at the end of Act 1. They have a chance to drop a Mechanical Parts charm. They can also be found on Mount Olympus, where they are silvery and called Masterwork Automatoi. The champions of the Masterwork Automatoi, release fireballs upon death.

Automatoi are immune to: Pierce, Bleeding and in some cases Elemental

Recommended resistances: Pierce, Slow, Fire

Types of AutomatoiEdit

Automatoi - Warrior: Basic melee attacker, are weak against lightning.
Automatoi - Champion: Their attacks have a slowing effect.

Automatoi heroes Edit

Talos - Master Automatoi
Cadmus, the Golem King - Automatoi Hero
Hesperos the Flameforged - Automatoi Hero