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Attributes are five base traits, that every creature in the game has, including the hero, his pets and all monsters. These attribute are Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Health, and Energy.

The hero's attributes can be increased by spending attribute points (AP) into them. Each attribute point increases Strength, Intelligence or Dexterity by +4 points and Health and Energy by +40 points. The hero gains 2 attribute points per level up, and a few more for completing certain quests in the game.


  • Strength ( Str )

Increases Physical Damage. It works on weapon base damage only. Strength is also a requirement to wear better warrior's gear.  At lower levels, the absolute bonus generally gives you a larger boost, particularly with attack speed modifying items, later in the game, the percentage boost can become very substantial, especially in concert with other damage modifying items. Because of the absorption property of armor, some physical damage can always get through armor.

Each 65 points of Strength adds 10% Physical damage and +2 flat Physical damage.

  • Dexterity ( Dex )

IncreasesPierce Damage, Poison Damage and Bleeding Damage dealt. Dexterity gives a slightly smaller bonus per stat point than strength, but remember that Piercing damage completely ignores armor. Keep in mind that some enemies are Pierce, Poison and Bleeding resistant (particularly Skeletons, who are very common Undead enemies)

Because most weapons deal a fairly small percentage of piercing damage, focusing heavily on Dexterity for damage is probably not wise unless you are using a Mastery that gives bonus Piercing damage - either Hunting or Rogue can add 50%+ Piercing damage easily. This means that Warfare / Rogue for dual wielding piercing swords, or Hunting / Warfare for Spears, or Hunting / Rogue are all 'obvious' natural combinations for heavy Pierce damage.

Dexterity also adds to Offensive ability / Defensive ability ( OA / DA ). If you are focusing specifically on offense or defense, items that directly increases OA / DA directly are going to give you more punch per point than Dexterity, but Dexterity gives both and boosts your Piercing Damage. In any case, increased OA gives you a chance for critical hits and increases the potential severity of those critical hits. You need to have an OA much higher than your targets DA to score maximal ( 50% added ) critical hits. Note that crits only apply to melee hits, and only boost the physical and pierce damage dealt. DA works in reverse, decreasing the chance for opponents to hit you, damage you, and crit you.

Dexterity is a needed attribute for some pieces of gear.

Each 100 points of Dexterity adds 10% Piercing Damage and roughly +1.95 flat Piercing Damage. Each 50 points of Dexterity adds 10% Bleeding and Poison Damage.

  • Intelligence ( Int )

Increases Elemental Damage and Vitality Damage dealt. Also increases Elemental Damage over Time, Vitality Decay and Physical Duration Damage.

Intelligence also increases base Energy regen, and allows you to wear 'Mage' class armor, necessary if you're going to get a high Energy regen rate later in the game, as all Mage armor comes with built in +% Energy regen mods - note that this is only really necessary for characters that depend on Energy to deal damage. Most hybrid characters can get by with Energy potion usage.

Because increasing your Elemental Damage output requires a fairly heavy investment in Intelligence, you need to consider if it is worth investing in for as a Hybrid character. You may get a better return on investment from Strength (flat physical) or Dex (flat Piercing + OA/DA bonuses). However, it is worth noting that point for point, Piercing OR Elemental are likely to deal more damage to most creatures than Physical is (in most cases).

Each 65 points of Intelligence adds 10% Elemental Damage, and roughly 1.625 flat Elemental Damage (I'm not certain how far out TQ keeps the decimal)

Each 50 points of Intelligence adds 10% to Elemental duration damage, spread evenly over the duration ( yes, you get a bigger bonus to Burn / Frostburn / Electrical Burn! ). Also it adds 10% to Vitality Decay Damage.

  • Health ( or Life, HP, Health/Hit Points )

Measures how much damage the hero can take before he/she dies.

  • Energy ( or Mana )

Required to use active skills like attack spells, summon skills, and auras.

Bonus attribute rewards

Throughout the game, players may gain bonus attribute points and bonus Str/Int/Dex/Health. These are gained through completing quests on each difficulty. The bonuses are:

Act I

  • Health: 75 (N)/150 (E)/200 (L) for a total of 425 additional health.
  • Attribute points: 2 bonus attribute points per difficulty (may be spent on any attribute).

Act II

  • Attribute points: 2 bonus attribute points per difficulty (may be spent on any attribute).


  • Attribute points: 2 bonus attribute points per difficulty (may be spent on any attribute).

Act IV (Immortal Throne Expansion only)

  • Health: 80 (N)/150 (E)/200 (L) for a total of 430 additional health.
  • Strength: 6 (N)/8 (E)/10 (L) + 4 (N)/6 (E)/8 (L) for a total of 42 additonal strength.
  • Intelligence: 4 (N)/ 6 (E)/ 8 (L) for a total of 18 additional Intelligence.
  • Dexterity: 4 (N)/ 6 (E)/ 8 (L) for a total of 18 additional Dexterity.

By the end of the Immortal Throne expansion, the player would have recieved a total of 855 Health, 42 Strength, 18 Intelligence, 18 Dexterity and 18 attribute points.


  • Unlike skills, attributes cannot be reset.