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Artifacts are special items that are placed in a special new slot on your character. They grant special bonuses to your character on top of the ones already granted by your previous equipment. Finding an artifact is hard (they drop very rarely compared to other items in the game), but you can create one if you find an Enchanter and ask him to make you one.

For the Enchanter to create one for you, you will need a recipe (Arcane Formula) though. With the Arcane Formula, the correct amount of money and the reagents, the Enchanter will create the Artifact for you.

They come in three types: lesser, greater and divine. Greater artifacts normally require lesser artifacts as ingredients and divine artifacts normally require greater artifacts.

Some greater artifacts and most divine ones grants the wearer a specific skill, that are activated in different ways:

  • On attack: have a chance to activate when you attack.
  • On low health: always activate when you are low on life
  • On low energy: always activate when you are low on energy
  • On hit: have a chance to activate when you're hit
    • On ranged hit: have a chance to activate when you're hit by projectiles
    • On melee hit: have a chance to activate when you're hit on melee

All of these skills have a cooldown timer, most of them very long, so they won't activate that often.

Requires: Titan Quest: Immortal Throne, Ragnarok

Lesser Artifacts[edit | edit source]

There are 40 Lesser Artifacts.

Greater Artifacts[edit | edit source]

There are 25 Greater Artifacts:

Divine Artifacts[edit | edit source]

There are 19 Divine Artifacts

Table of Artifacts[edit | edit source]

Type Level Artifact
Lesser 10 Amber Flask
Lesser 25 Bloodrage
Lesser 30 Carnyx (Ragnarok)
Lesser 15 Chaos Cube
Lesser 20 Cinderbolt
Lesser 25 Crystal Tear
Lesser 35 Dark Core
Lesser 5 Deathrattle
Lesser 35 Earthen Talisman
Lesser 40 Ebony Globe
Lesser 45 Effigy of the Panther
Lesser 35 Emerald Quill
Lesser 45 Ethereal Veil
Lesser 30 Golden Belt (Ragnarok)
Lesser 35 Jade Idol
Lesser 15 Leafsong
Lesser 45 Maiden's Kiss
Lesser 5 Molten Orb
Lesser 40 Nexus of Insanity
Lesser 10 Pale Moon
Lesser 35 Phylactery of Shadows
Lesser 40 Raven's Shadow
Lesser 20 Razor Claw
Lesser 5 Scroll of Oneiros
Lesser 30 Seidr Bones (Ragnarok)
Lesser 10 Shroud of Eternal Night
Lesser 45 Silver Heart
Lesser 40 Singasteinn (Ragnarok)
Lesser 15 Skyfire Pendant
Lesser 20 Song of the Serpent
Lesser 20 Soul Shiver
Lesser 35 Spirit Blight
Lesser 10 Star Heart
Lesser 40 Summoner's Totem
Lesser 25 Sunstone
Lesser 45 Thunderfist
Lesser 40 Tome of Transfiguration
Lesser 45 Tongue of Flame
Lesser 15 Touch of the Fool
Lesser 5 Wraithguard
Greater 45 Arcane Mirror
Greater 40 Blood Gem
Greater 25 Book of Dreams
Greater 45 Conqueror's Mark
Greater 40 Crimson Viper
Greater 35 Dragontongue
Greater 25 Druidic Wreath
Greater 35 Dvalin's Simulacrum (Ragnarok)
Greater 35 Effigy of Skyfire
Greater 45 Elemental Rage
Greater 25 Eye of the Heavens
Greater 40 Final Breath
Greater 25 Fury of the Ages
Greater 50 Gambanteinn (Ragnarok)
Greater 45 Gjallarhorn (Ragnarok)
Greater 45 Glorybringer
Greater 40 Hand of Gaia
Greater 40 Heart of Earth
Greater 35 Kingslayer
Greater 35 Lionheart
Greater 25 Shadow Veil (Artifact)
Greater 25 Soul Prism
Greater 35 Sphere of Eternity
Greater 45 Symbol of the Polymath
Greater 45 Tyrant's Fist
Divine 60 Apples of Idun (Ragnarok)
Divine 50 Blood of Ares
Divine 50 Crescent Moon of Artemis
Divine 50 Crosier of Osiris
Divine 50 Demeter's Bounty
Divine 55 Eye of Ra
Divine 55 Golden Eye of Sun Wukong
Divine 55 Ikon of Zeus
Divine 50 Knot of Isis
Divine 55 Lyre of Apollo
Divine 55 Marduk's Tablet of Destiny
Divine 50 Might of Hephaestus
Divine 55 Morpheus' Dreamweb
Divine 50 Poseidon's Net
Divine 55 Sigil of Bast
Divine 55 Star of Ishtar
Divine 55 Talisman of the Jade Emperor
Divine 55 Thoth's Glory
Divine 55 Wheel of Taranis (Ragnarok)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The following artifacts were planned to be added with the Atlantis DLC : Foam of Tethys, The Pride of Atlantis, Scale of Tiamat, Halo of Eos, Melqart's Oil and Brôma Theôn. They have bitmaps and names but are copies of Ragnarok artifacts and can't drop. Moreover there are 3 others without specific names and bitmaps. We might expect to see them in a future patch.

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