Arcane Formula

Recipered.jpg An Arcane Formula is a item used to create Artifact with certain items when given to an enchanter. There are three types of Arcane Formulae: Lesser, Greater, and Divine. Some give small attribute or skill benefits, while some give unique skills, such as the ability to send forth a tidal wave of freezing cold water. Divine artifacts are all based off items belonging to the gods, and provide extreme bonuses, plus a very powerful skill.

Requires: Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

There are 3 types of Artifacts:

Lesser: Require charms and scrolls to make; minor buffs and bonuses.

Greater: Require lesser artifacts and charms to make; moderate buffs and bonuses, unique skills.

Divine: Require three greater artifacts; substantial buffs and bonuses, powerful active or passive skills.

See: Artifact for a list of Artifacts

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