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Arcadia is a wild region situated on a cliff between the Village of Tegea and Megara Bluff


Points of Interest

Entrance to Village of Tegea

Immideately after you enter this region from Village of Tegea you will encounter moderate group of Regular Zombie, whos attack village defenders. Help this poor people to fight back restless corpses.

East Ruins

Entrance to the Ancient Tomb

If you go to the east you will find small ruins of some temple, filled with various undead. Behind this ruins lies path along lake shore, which leads to the entrance of the Ancient tomb.

Ancient Tomb

Old tomb with many undead warriors, which guards treasure filled chests and sarcophaguses.

Satyr Roadblock

Big group of various Satyrs and even some Centaurs, who blocking the path to the Megara Bluff.

Harpy Nest

Harpy nesting grounds, which lies in the south-west corner of Arcadia. Here you will find many Harpies and Carrion Birds. Also from here you can see canyon which lies below and populated by high level enemies. You will go there in Act V.


  • Festering and Regular Zombie ( Undead ): Soldier
  • Awakened Dead Skeleton ( Undead ): Soldier, Archer, Frost Liche ( Champion ), Captain ( Champion ), Assassin ( Champion )
  • Plague Bird and Carrion Crow ( Beast )
  • Dark and Regular Satyr ( Beastman ): Veteran Warrior, Elite Warrior, Veteran Skirmisher, Veteran Peltast, Elite Peltast, Boar Rider ( Champion ), Fire Magi ( Champion ), Guardian ( Champion )
  • Highland and Regular Centaur ( Beastman ): Trapper, Ranger, Marauder
  • Ravenous Boar ( Beast )
  • Brush Harpy ( Beast ): Hag, Crone, Witch

Inside the Ancient Tomb:

  • Awakened Dead Skeleton ( Undead ): Soldier, Archer, Assassin ( Champion ), Captain ( Champion ), Frost Liche ( Champion )
  • Festering and Regular Zombie ( Undead ): Soldier, Veteran Soldier, Elite Soldier
  • Cave Bat (Beast)


  • Arcadia is one of the regional units of Greece. It is part of the administrative region of Peloponnese. It is situated in the central and eastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula. It takes its name from the mythological figure Arcas. In Greek mythology, it was the home of the god Pan. In European Renaissance arts, Arcadia was celebrated as an unspoiled, harmonious wilderness.

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