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Arachnos are basically purple, green, or rusty orange colored monsters that are half spider and half man. They are found in several places around Greece (Act I) and usually attack in medium-sized groups. They are divided into three classes: Drones, Runeweavers, and Elites. Drones are basic soldiers armed with a light weapon and some armour. Runeweavers are generally tougher, and attack with a ranged poison attack. Elite soldiers are a buffed version of the drone, with a higher attack, more health, and generally better weapons and armor. Although not difficult individually, their pack-nature can make them dangerous, especially when supported by runeweavers.

They get to use various special armor pieces like the Arachnos Chitin. They can also drop the rare Deathweaver's Legtip, a dagger/sword with poison damage.

Tropical Arachnos are an Arachnos sub-species.


  • Web Crawlers are small and weak versions that appear in larger groups.
  • Drones are the basic melee warriors
  • Solders are tougher and have better armor
  • Spellweavers are ranged attackers thhat can cast spells.
  • Veteran Soldiers and Elite Soldiers are tougher melee fighters wearing better armor and wielding better weapons
  • Deathspinners have ranged abilities that can immobilize their targets
  • Runeweavers are kind-of spellcasters that will do poison damage


Baleful Arachnos are more powerful versions of regular Arachnos and Tropical Arachnos.

Malevolent are more powerful than Baleful, but less dangerous than Sinister Arachnos.

Arachnos Heroes

Arachnos Boss