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Arachnos are purple, green, or rusty orange colored monsters that are half spider and half man. They are found in several places around Greece (Act I) and usually attack in medium-sized groups. Although not difficult individually, their pack-nature can make them dangerous.


  • Regular: The weakest breed. Has a brown carapace.





  • Baleful: A More dangerous breed. Has a purple carapace.


  • Drone: Basic melee warriors. Equipped with close a combat weapon and sometimes pieces of Arachos armor. They are weak and hardly ever pose a threat on their own. Recommended Resistances: PhysicalResistance.png Physical, PierceResistance.png Pierce.
  • Soldier: Slightly tougher and bigger melee warriors than Drones. Usually have better and more armor, but their damage is still unimpressive. There are Normal, Veteran and Elite Soldiers, with Elite the strongest. Recommended Resistances: Physical, Piercing.
  • Spellweaver: Ranged attackers who throw poison bolts at their enemies, inflicting poison damage and Poison DoT and reduce Movement Speed. Recommended Resistances: Poison.png Poison, Chance to Avoid Projectiles.
  • Runeweaver: Stronger version of the Spellweaver. Recommended Resistances: Poison, Chance to Avoid Projectiles.
  • Deathspinner (Champion): A strong melee fighter, who can throw spider nets from afar to immobilize his target. He also has an aura, shown as a faint purple glow beneath him, that increases his and his allies' attack speed. Deathspinner attacks can inflict Bleeding DoT. Recommended Resistances: Physical, Piercing, BleedingResistance.png Bleeding.

Monster Infrequent Items


Chk'ich of the Queensguard
Eregon - Arachnos Taintbearer
Ishtil Nintheye
★ L'tkitk the Hungry ~ Arachnos Hero
Prince Ch'kik't the Horrible
S'zkit'ith, Mother of Horrors
T'chik, the Doomweaver
★ Turgox Mancatcher
Xaktil Etherweb
Z'kar Flamespinner



  • All Arachnoses have an attack animation unique to their kind. Instead of delivering a blow with their weapon, they make a hissing sound with their abdomen and then attack with their front pincers. Despite its unique animation, this attack apparently doesn't have any special effects and inflicts standard damage.