To use this condition, you must initiate an animation in an earlier quest step by the NPC X play animation None and Don't allow Interruption action. The condition will fire when the animation is done. You have to specify the NPC who performs the animation in the properties to make the condition work.

Fairytale messagebox critical Animation completed will stay true for the specified NPC. You cannot use that NPC in another 'NPC play animation - Animation completed' chain.


CharacterDatabaseRecord (dbr): A .dbr file of the NPC template class.
ITIcon [1] IdTag (string):
Not (boolean): If true, the condition is met if the animation is not completed.
Resettable (boolean): If this is set to true, the trigger can be refired by the condition after the game has been exited to the main menu and then restarted.

Properties with no symbol are availible in TQ and IT. Properties with ITIcon are only availible in IT. Properties with TQIcon are only availible in TQ.

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