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Callicrates has a job for you

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This is a Side Quest in Hades (Act IV).

Few shades on the Plains of Judgement can boast great deeds in life. Nevertheless, a few have organized and are quietly doing what they can against the daemon forces. In the Upper City of Lost Souls, Callicrates says he knows of a shipment of valuable supplies that has to be stopped on the Salt Flats. He says that if these were destroyed, it would be a serious setback for the daemons. Find and destroy the caravan.


  1. Talk to Callicrates in the Upper City of Lost Souls to begin the quest.
  2. Destroy the caravan carts in the Salt Flats, not far from the city (see image). When you attack the carts, some Machae Wardens will come to their defense.
  3. Return to Callicatres for your reward.

Note: When you complete this quest, Callicrates will offer you another quest: An Inside Source


  • Experience: 25k / 50k / 140k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • a piece of Magical Jewelry