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Callicrates has another job for you

Keuthonymos has grand plans

Envoy Kor-Lhrut

This is a Hades (Act IV) Side Quest.

The shades of these Plains are not heroes, but they do what they can against the daemon army. Callicrates says that someone named Keuthonymos is the mastermind behind these operations. To get in touch with him, it is necessary to talk to Pylades first. Find and speak with Pylades.


Note: Callicrates will offer you this quest only after you have completed his other quest, ‘An Invitation’.

  1. Accept the quest from Callicrates in the Upper City of Lost Souls. He is in the upper right corner of the western hall.
  2. Talk to Pylades near the eastern exit of the city.
  3. As soon as you enter the Lower Daemon Camp from The Salt Flats, turn LEFT. Talk to the neutral Machae you see there (his name is Keuthonymos), and he will tell you to kill a daemon envoy.
  4. Envoy Kor-Lhrut is walking along the road upon entering Vale of Mourning, right after the Upper Daemon Camp . Kill him and pick up the message, a Daemon Scroll.
  5. Return it to Keuthonymos.


  • Experience: 34k / 78k / 210k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • a Relic Shard