AllSkins 0.8 Female (Dress) Non-Adult Skins

Female Skins Vendor

Cassandra's High feminine Fashion

Female Skins Merchant Summoner.jpg

  • Female Skins Merchant Summoner
  • [x12 Bottles = x4 Skins]
-Dress- Vivienne's Asian Girls IronLore's Toga.jpg


  • The Dress mod allows to summon only 3 merchants at most:
  1. FatherSquid (male skins),
  2. Jack Sparrow (male variation skins),
  3. Cassandra (non-adult female skins)
  • These skins are available for the "The Dress mod" only: so, as .bat, you should have "useDressMesh" only to change to the Skirt 3D version of the female players. (see the How to use AllSkins mod 's Guide for the path and others details)


  • In the Dress mode of the mod, the female has a real full-scale dress. Her 3D representation is made to use dresses.
  • Bottles available on the Dress AllSkins 0.8 mod are all good to use with the Dress female player. Dress skin bottles' descriptions start always with the [Dress] red tag and are only available when you start the Dress version of the mod.

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