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Desirée Daring Woman Dyes

Adult Female Skins Merchant Summoner
  • Adult Female Skins Merchant Summoner
  • [x21 Skins]
File:-Skirtless- Alsafysh's Khrone -Skirt-Skirtless- FishNetty-IndianDream.jpg
File:-Skirt-Skirtless- Alsafysh's Nymphs.jpg
File:-Skirtless- Sagus Wuzzel -Skirt-Skirtless- Alsafysh-POa-Shark.jpg
File:-Skirt-Skirtless- Alsafysh OoALEJOoO Morbiis Nude.jpg
File:-Skirt-Skirtless- Zax's Topless Tattooed Crimson-Burgendy-Blue.jpg
File:-Skirt-Skirtless- Zax's Topless Tattooed White-Black-Green.jpg


  • The Skirtless mod allows to summon 4 merchants:
  1. FatherSquid (male skins),
  2. Jack Sparrow (male variation skins),
  3. Cassandra (non-adult female skins),
  4. Desirée (adult female skins)
  • These skins are available for the "The Skirtless mod" only: so, as .bat, you should have "useSkirtlessMesh" only to change to the Skirt 3D version of the female players. (see the How to use AllSkins mod 's Guide for the path and others details)
  • some Skirtless skin bottles are available on the Skirt version of AllSkins mod. These bottles can be used for the standard AND the skirtless 3D representation of the female player (meshes) and are marked with a green tag [Skirt/Skirtless]


  • In the Skirtless mode, the female player is different, and doesn't look weird if she has skins that use no skirt. For example, jogging suits look better on this female player. "Skirtless" means that the 3D model isn't built with a skirt on it. "Skirtless" isn't the same as "naked", because what determines whether the character has clothes or not is the skin - not the 3D model.
  • Bottles available on the Skirtless AllSkins 0.8 mod are all good to use with the Skirtless female player. If a bottle has a yellow tag named [Skirtless] it means it is good only for the Skirtless female player.
  • The green tag [Skirt/Skirtless] on any bottle means that this bottle is good for using with the Skirt and the Skirtless model.

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