Female Skins VendorEdit

  1. Caitlyn's Retouched Cloth
  2. Cassandra's High feminine Fashion

1. Caitlyn's Retouched Cloth

Female Skins -Recolors-Variations- Merchant Summoner
  • Female Skins [Recolors-Variations] Merchant Summoner
  • [x30 Skins]
OoALEjOoO's Fighter Brown-Burgendy-Crimson-Orange
OoALEjOoO's FighterGray-Gold-Purple-Rose
OoALEjOoO's Fighter Hunter-Olive-Slate-LightBlue-RoyalBlue
-Skirt-Skirtless- Alsafysh-I Raps' OoALEIOoO's Nymph-Fighter
Maul's RangerHunter-RangerBrown-Mystique
Bluecry's Yellow Phnx's Leather Bikini Tattoo HeMan's Sharks-Dodds Forest Wanderer
Shark's Burning Legion-Orange Bikini Travisko's TigerGirl White-Gray
Zax's Stockings Black10-White11 Dbztrumkss' Nice Girl-LeatheJacket

2. Cassandra's High feminine Fashion

Female Skins Merchant Summoner
  • Female Skins Merchant Summoner
  • [x 100 Skins]
Alsafysh's D.E.P-Huntress Lacy U.N
Alsafysh's Pali U.E.S.G.B
Arkeyla Evil Ivory-Enchantress-BloodMarket-DarkImmortal
Arkeyla SweetSunrise-JadeLady-HaremDancer-DragonBlue-GrecianFlower
Arkeyla Amazon-FeralFatale-JungleGirl-ForestStalker-SilveredSteel
HeMan's Noble-Nubian-Egyptian-Silver
HeMan's SweetSunrise-Vampiristic-WitchDoctor-RangerBlack
Maul's ExoticNymph-Mercenary-RangerBlack-NinjaTan
Maul's Stoneform-Wildfire-Envenom-Mistique2
Maul's-Alejo-Zax-Shark Mix1-2-3-4
Lufe's-POa's-Sharks Maul's-OoALEJOoO's LadyDeath-NetowebBlack-Fighter Demon
-Skirt-Skirtless- Alsafysh Arkeyla Traviskos Zilla NaturalWrath-IndiaDreamSariDark-Pale-TigerGirlOrange-WeekendWarrior
-Skirt-Skirtless- Alsafysh Bdazzled Dark-LichiePoo-Normal-SicklyPale
-Skirt-Skirtless- Alsafysh-OoALEJOoO's Assassin-Red-YellowSuit-Rojo
OoALEJOoO's PaladinSuit-FighterBlack-FrogGirl-Espectro
OoALEJOoO's GreenSkirt-LadyDeath-Cleavenger2-PurgatoryIcedEarth-Turquoise
Zilla's BallnChain-Crush-ConcreteJungle-Sara
Zilla's Fall-DeathSorbet-Trix'sTurn-Aug-Sept
Bluecry's Coyote-NightGirl-SpiderWoman
Dbztrumkss' BlackDream-Gothic-LeatherJacket
IRaps'-SGN Kamikaze13's-B-YShin Madman's-DCG IronLore's-NG
Phnx's-FBT-LBNST Shark's-BF-LB Travisko's-TG
Zax's-BU-BT-HS Vivienne-EGC-AGB


  • The Skirt mod allows to summon all 6 merchants:
  1. FatherSquid (male skins),
  2. Jack Sparrow (male variation skins),
  3. Cassandra (non-adult female skins),
  4. Caitlyn (non-adult female variations skins),
  5. Desirée (adult female skins),
  6. Salomé (adult female variation skins)
  • These skins are available for the "The Skirt mod" only: so, as .bat, you should have "useSkirtMesh" only to change to the Skirt 3D version of the female players. (see the How to use AllSkins mod 's Guide for the path and others details)
  • some skirtless skin bottles are available on the Skirt version of AllSkins mod. These bottles can be used for the standard AND the skirtless 3D representation of the female player (meshes) and are marked with a green tag [Skirt/Skirtless]


  • By default, the Skirt mesh is used by Titan Quest, so running the useSkirtMesh.bat will not change anything. Use it only if you want to go back to the standard mesh.
  • In the standard (Skirt) mod, the female player looks like the game female player: a woman with a Skirt.
  • Bottles available on the standard (Skirt) AllSkins 0.8 mod are all good to use with the standard female player.
  • The green tag [Skirt/Skirtless] on any bottle means that this bottle is good for using with the Skirt and the Skirtless model.

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