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Aktaios is the second Telkine in Titan Quest. He is found near the end of Act II, in the last chamber of the Tomb of Ramses in the Valley of the Kings


As a boss monster he is immune to Controls and almost immune to percent health and energy damage.


  • Fireballs: Aktaios basic attack - double version of the Volcanic Orb from the Earth Mastery.
  • Light of Ra: Calls down a few rays of sunlight, dealing very high Fire Damage. The rays always hit the same spots, making them easy to avoid. Light of Ra deals around 400 damage per tick with 60% fire resistance on normal difficulty and deals about 5000 damage per tick on legendary with 0% fire resistance.
  • Mirage: Creates two copies of himself with fewer HP and only casting Fireballs. You can spot the true Aktaios if you were targeting him with some specific spells such as Rune Circle while he cast Mirage, or if he had DoT or any debuff before casting this spell. Moreover copies can't cast Light of Ra, Sandstorm or Summon Tomb Guardians.
  • Sandstorm: Inflict a huge amount of Physical Damage and Skill Disruption.
  • Summon Tomb Guardians: Summons two Tomb Guardians to help him in the fight.


Important Resistances:

The duplicates are not too dangerous as they can be killed with few hits. The Fireball is not very powerful, so if your fire resistance is low, an occasional health potion should be enough. The two bone scourges that Aktaios summons are very weak, not hard to kill. Decent skill disruption resistance will help with Sandstorm. If you stay away from the center of the chamber you can easily avoid taking damage from Light of Ra. High fire resistance (50-60%) will make this fight a piece of cake, even if you accidentally touch a ray of light.