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Admetus, free once more ...

... secures treasure for the hero ...

... and takes his place among heroes

This is a Hades (Act IV) Side Quest.

Among the shades imprisoned in the Prisoner's Camp is the lad Admetus. What twist of fate brought him here?


Note: You will only receive this quest if you have completed A Dangerous Mission.

  1. Kill Kondor the Mighty - Troglodyte Hero in the Prisoner's Camp.
  2. Open the cage he kept locked to free the shade Admetus and receive this quest.
  3. Talk to him.
  4. Several regions later, in the eastern corner of the First Domain of the Tower of Judgment, talk to him again. He will open a chamber with several treasure chests for you.
  5. Talk to him a final time in Aetolian Polis, near the Caravan Driver. You have to walk up the stairs next to the caravan driver and come back down to make Admetus appear.


  • Experience: 34k / 78k / 210k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • the loot from the chests in the Tower of Judgment


Admetus tried to be a hero in life but only found a quick death and the insides of a cage on the fields of judgment. After you had broken Hades army there, he freed a lot of shades from those cages and led many more to the tower of judgment. In death, he has finally earned his place among heroes.