Updates a journal entry for a sidequest in the specified region. All sidequests are managed by this action.

A journal entry is identified by its TitleTag, RegionNumber and LocationTag.


ITIcon [1] DelayTime (integer):
DoComplete (boolean): If true,the name of the action is changed to "Complete Journal Entry..." in your script data view.
The player will be notified the sidequest is finished, and the checkbox becomes checked in the quest UI window.
DoSound (boolean): If true, the quest step sound is played.
FullTextTag (tag): Tag reference to your modstrings.txt, this tag represents the description text. If this parameter is empty, the description text stays as it is.
LocationTag (tag): Tag reference to your modstrings.txt, this tag normally should be one of your zone name tags.
(You might want to subgroup your sidequests in some other way than geographically. This does work as well.)
For each zone a folder is created in your journal.
RegionNumber (integer): A value between 1 and 3. Normally you use only value 1 but if you want to build a mod with more than one region
(such as Greece, Egypt and Orient in the original game), this value is necessary to add your entry in the right tab.
TitleTag (tag): Tag reference to your modstrings.txt, Title of your side quest

Properties with no symbol are availible in TQ and IT. Properties with ITIcon are only availible in IT. Properties with TQIcon are only availible in TQ.

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