Titan Quest Wiki

Under the heading of actor variables, you will find data about the physical appearance of an object.

  • description (tag): the name that will be displayed at the top of the screen when clicking the monster/device/NPC
  • mesh (.msh file): the wire mesh that forms the outline of the object
  • baseTexture (.tex file) and
  • bumpTexture (.tex file): how that outline is painted
  • scale (floating point numeral): the relative size of the monster or item, where 1.0 is the size of the original mesh
  • actorRadius (floating point numeral) and
  • actorHeight (floating point numeral): the space occupied by the object
  • miniMapEntity (.dbr file): (?)
  • maxTransparency (floating point numeral): how transparent the object may get when the player is passing behind it
  • allowTransparency (boolean): whether it may get transparent at all
  • displayAsQuestItem (boolean): whether its location is marked by a yellow dot with excamation mark in the compass and map
  • castsShadows (boolean): whether it casts a shadow
  • shadowBias (floating point numeral): (?)
  • unloadedBoundingBoxExtents (floating point numeral): (?)