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A Troubled Village is the first chapter of the Main Quest, with everything happening in and around Helos in Greece (Act I). Given by Timaeus in Road to Helos.



  • Save Timaeus' horse
    • Strange beasts have surrounded a poor man's horse. He needs your help in saving it.
  • Speak to Timaeus
    • Strange beasts were attacking a poor man's horse. The horse is safe now.
  • Investigate the problems in Helos
    • The man said that his village, Helos, which is farther down the road, is having trouble with these monsters.
  • Find and defeat the Satyr shaman
    • A powerful satyr shaman has been leading boars and satyrs into the village farm lands. These monsters threaten to destroy crops for the entire village and shatter their weakening defenses.
  • Return to Diomedes in the village
    • A powerful satyr shaman was leading boars and satyrs into the village farmland. These monsters threatened to destroy the crops for the entire village and shatter their frail defenses. With the shaman gone, the village of Helos should be able to hold out against these strange monsters.



Defeat the monsters ( 2 Satyrs and a Boar ) to get your first body armor and a weapon. The horse cannot die, so you don't have to hurry. Talk to Timaeus again to update the main quest (this gives no further reward).

Move on to get to the Village of Helos. You will see some Satyrs attacking the guards, but they will be able to fend off the attackers without your help. You can help, though, to get some experience.

You enter Helos from the Road to Helos in the south west, where Aeson, the local guard captain, welcomes you and tells you of the village's troubles. Behind him you will find the first Rebirth Fountain. Near the northern bridge stands Diomedes, the village elder. Talk to him to learn about a "powerful Satyr Shaman" threatening the farmlands of Helos. When he's done talking, a band of Satyrs will attempt to cross the northern bridge. The guards can handle them on their own, but you may participate in the fight to gain some extra experience. Across the nothern bridge lies the Helos Farmland and, after that, Helos Woods.

Dark Satyr Shaman ( Boss )

Before engaging the Shaman, try to take out the other Satyrs - this will make the first 'boss fight' a little easier. There are also always two Shrines in the camp: The red shrines immediately restore full health, the pink ones create a regenration aura around the shrine, which lasts for 60 seconds and quickly regenerates health.

The Dark Satyr - Shaman uses fire-enchanted staff attacks and occasionally lobs a Volcanic Orb at you. Ranged fighters can try to avoid both of them.

When you have defeated the shaman, return to Diomedes to get a reward and to complete the first chapter.


(normal / epic / legendary)

  • Experience: 150 / 30k / 65k
  • Gold: 1k / 50k / 500k


  • The south exit from Helos is blocked by two guards. If you speak to a person nearby, he recommends you stay to complete this quest, but the guards then let you pass.