This is a Side Quest in Greece (Act I). When talking about the main quest with Timon in Megara, he mentions that it is proper to bring an offering when seeking an audience with the Oracle of Delphi. He suggests an olive branch from the sacred tree in a grove near Ambrossos.


  1. When you talk to Timon in Megara for the main story, he will also give you this quest
  2. fetch the Sacred Olive Branch from the sacred grove in Helicos Pass. It is guarded by Arachne - Spider Queen, a fierce Arachnos boss that uses poison bombs and summons spiderlings
  3. deliver the Sacred Olive Branch to the NPC in front of the temple in Delphi


  • Normal: +5% bonus to one resistance
  • Epic: +7% bonus to one resistance
  • Legendary: +5% bonus to all elemental resistances

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