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Tiresias on the stairs at the Temple of Apollo

Medea in her grove

Main Quest (Act IV): Act III >> Olympus > Act IV > A Mysterious Message > Medea's Price

This is the first chapter of the main quest of Hades (Act IV). After defeating Typhon in the last chapter of Act III, Olympus, a portal brings you to the Temple of Apollo. There, the apparition of the famed seer Tiresias awaits you with dire and ominous warnings. Talk to him to start this quest. He charges you to find a way to "where all men are destined," and to do so, you must find the "Sorceress of the Ixian Wood..."

In the Ixian Woods, you have to defeat two Ascacophus ~ Gatekeepers to gain enty to Medea's Grove. Talk to Medea to begin the next chapter, Medea's Price.


  • Experience: 18k / 45k / 115k (normal / epic / legendary)