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Gargantuan Yeti

A Gargantuan Yeti is a Side Quest in the Orient (Act III). It is given by Pasang Do-Ma in Shangshung Village. Talk to him to learn about a giant Yeti dwelling in the ice caverns beyond the Chumbi Valley.

You will hang onto this quest for some time, it is completed a couple of regions later. The Gargantuan Yeti is found in the Tsongmo Ice Caverns, which lie to the east of the Chumbi Valley (you won't miss him, his lair lies on the main route).

The Gargantuan Yeti is a moderately strong and fast melee attacker, but moves very slowly. He uses a Freezing breath and an ice projetile attack dealing Cold Damage. However, he's usually not too difficult to defeat.


  • Experience: 20k / 55k / 160k (normal / epic / legendary)
  • Bonus to all pets: +200% Health*

Note: You receive the +100% Health bonus twice, the first time upon completion of the quest, the second time when you restart Titan Quest and play that hero again.


  • Old characters which have been imported into the Titan Quest Anniversary Edition from the old Titan Quest / Immortal Throne do not receive this quest. For them, quest giver just has a diamond above his head and mentions the yeti, but gives no quest. Killing the yeti does not give them the quest either.