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This is a Side Quest in Hades (Act IV).

Admetus in Paseron

Pisistratus, a healer in the Refugee Camp in Epirus, sent Admetus to the City of Paseron to collect a stash of food and medical supplies. Admetus has not yet returned. Someone needs to go find him.


Pisistratus is located near the traders in Epirus - Refugee Camp. The road to the northwest leads to the City of Paseron.

Admetus could be found in the middle of Paseron, right behind the area with the refugees from another side quest Among the Ruins. When the hero discovers him, he finds that Admetus was severely wounded and is facing his death. Upon talking to him Admetus gives the requested Medical Supplies he coudn't deliver.

Bringing the supplies to Pisistratus in Epirus will complete the quest and claim the rewards.


  • 32000, 77000, or 208000 (normal / epic / legendary) points of experience
  • 65000, 550000, or 1100000 of gold


Follow-up Quest

See Admetus Among the Dead for the follow-up quest.