Purpose of the ARC Explorer Edit

The ARC Explorer allows you to browse and export files from Titan Quest's ARC files. These ARC files are compressed archive files that contain the game's resources, such as the textures, models, levels, quests, etc.

Usage Edit

As explained by the developer in the readme.txt you may find with the program, "use File->Open to select an Arc file. The interface is quite Explorer-like: On the left you can see the directories, on the right the files in that directory. To extract a single file, chose Extract->Selected file... or simply double-click on that file. A Save as dialog will pop up where you can chose the directory and filename. To extract all files, chose Extract->All files... and select the output directory. All subdirectories will be created in the path you've chosen."

"[...] Note that this program was only tested with the demo version of Titan Quest. It could very well be that they modify the archive format in the full version."

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